STEP-School Teachers Empowerment Programme

Process-based Technology and Content for Inclusive, Stress-free Teaching

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Why EduBrisk Workshop for Teachers?

  • Onboard the EduBrisk Adaptive Digital Learning Platform for Teaching-Learning
  • Create Homogenized Classes by means of Inclusive and Differential Teaching Techniques
  • Get trained by EduBrisk Knowledge experts and inculcate self-learning in your Students
  • Brisk and easy delivery of concepts through brain friendly content
  • Support and assistance on the Teaching Norms of Regulatory bodies
  • Grasp recent innovations in the field of Learning and Development
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EduBrisk Workshops for Teachers



Basic STEP – Sneak-peek into Inclusive Teaching

2 Hours, One session



Intermediate STEP – Explore the ‘Learn to Teach Inclusively’ Methodology

6 Hours,5 sessions



Advanced STEP – Subject Specific Workshops

Specific to course selected

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Why EduBrisk

Learning Techniques

Easy, enjoyable learning experience, kindling interest even in the most challenging subjects

Inclusive Learning

Addressing the needs of students from different backgrounds with varying learning styles and abilities.

Integrated Learning

Building Bridges across subjects, Step into higher or lower classes at will and experience the big picture.


The EduBrisk Platform is fully compliant with different syllabi as well as regulatory norms.


The Cloud-based platform allows Teachers and students to create and share personalized notes.

Signature Workshops

STEP for Teachers, SCOrE for Students and PALM for Parents make it easy to Teach/ Learn/ Mentor using the EduBrisk Platform.

Holistic Approach

Children ‘learn to learn’, Teachers ‘learn to teach inclusively’, Parents ‘learn to mentor effectively’.

Educational Network

EduBrisk’s Digital Platform connects Educationists, Students and Industry, providing a powerful Network for the Learner to co-create and share knowledge.


Learners Enrolled with EduBrisk till Date

Success Stories

Annie Sunny

Bethany High, Koramangala, Bengaluru

“Edubrisk helps to improve the overall academic performance of students. The workshop content is good. It helps students develop an interest in the subject/topic as there are visual inputs. Parents will be able to review their ward’s work. It has brought technology to teaching. Teaching and learning has become more enjoyable, interactive and interesting both for teachers as well as students”.

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Schools, We are Partnered With

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Indeed yes. We give away a Certificate to all Teachers who successfully complete our STEP Workshops.

We at EduBrisk are invited to several Schools worldwide, to showcase our Methodologies. If your School is one of them, our Senior Team will help you understand our processes and methodologies first hand, through our ‘School Teachers Empowerment Program” (STEP) Basic Workshops. You will also be given a Free, limited-period Teacher Account pertaining to the Grade you teach, on our e-Learning Portal. Once you complete the STEP Basic Workshop, you are eligible to attend our STEP Intermediate Workshop, also held at your School. And once you complete the STEP Intermediate Workshop, you are eligible to attend our STEP Advanced Workshop and access our e-Learning Portal, for longer periods. Life-long benefits accrue from the STEP Advanced Workshop and a longer Subscription period!

Teaching methodologies have been changing rapidly over the years. Today, audio-visual and kinesthetic techniques have replaced the Slate Board or Notebook. Today’s Students are very savvy where technology and gadgets are concerned: they tend to spend more time on their Smartphones and Laptops, rather than Paper and Pen. EduBrisk methodologies leverage on this shift in attention. On the other hand, the very core principles of Teaching have changed: from ‘Teaching’ to ‘Learning to Teach’, to ‘Learning to Learn’. As a Teacher, if you can inculcate the habit of ‘Learning to Learn’ in your Class, you leave an indelible mark as a Great Teacher. EduBrisk intends to help you achieve this goal!

Not at all! We are sure that you have successfully developed your own methods of teaching, over the years! However, we are sure you have grappled with the issue of different Students with different learning abilities in the same Classroom, and how to bring them all to the same level. What EduBrisk offers is a number of brain-friendly teaching techniques that will enhance your teaching even further! On completing the STEP Workshops and by regularly practicing our processes and methodologies, you will be able to enrich your teaching by making it a lot more interesting to your Students and at the same time, help the Slow Learners of your Class catch up with the others!

  • Learn to teach inclusively
  • Cater to SEN & AGT Groups
  • Teach in a brain-friendly manner
  • Learn to implement Differential and Integrated teaching
  • Leadership and Management Modules
  • Three levels of Workshops comprising Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level
    • Basic Workshop: 2 Hours
    • Intermediate Workshop: 21 Days(Online/ Offline in total, spanning 30 days)
  • Access to EduBrisk e-Learning Portal

Learn From Our Experts

Mrs. Swapna Saiju


Mrs. Usha Venugopal

Department Head

Mr. Gopal Krishnan

Senior Analyst, R&D