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Brains Utilization in Learning and Development,
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BUILD Approach by EduBrisk

At the core of our learning program is ‘BUILD’ a synergistic blend of Neurophysiology, Computer Science, Pedagogy & Andragogy and Cognitive Psychology which brings a powerful, wholesome environment.

EduBrisk learning programs are  mere content repositories, but are an ever evolving set of Brain friendly, path Breaking tools for:

  • Students in ‘Learning to Learn Effortlessly’
  • Teachers in ‘Learning to Teach inclusively’
  • Parents in ‘Learning to Mentor Effectively’


The powerful AI-based Digital Learning Platform based on the principle of BUILD is highly process-oriented. It not only integrates Content but also Stakeholders for a comprehensive, personalized teaching-learning-mentoring experience

Why EduBrisk

Integrated Learning

Building Bridges across subjects, Step into higher or lower classes at will and experience the big picture.

Learning Techniques

Easy, enjoyable learning experience, kindling interest even in the most challenging subjects

Inclusive Learning

Addressing the needs of students from different backgrounds with varying learning styles and abilities.


The EduBrisk Platform is fully compliant with different syllabi as well as regulatory norms.


The Cloud-based platform allows Teachers and students to create and share personalized notes.

Educational Network

EduBrisk’s Digital Platform connects Educationists, Students and Industry, providing a powerful Network for the Learner to co-create and share knowledge.

Signature Workshops

STEP for Teachers, SCOrE for Students and PALM for Parents make it easy to Teach/ Learn/ Mentor using the EduBrisk Platform.

Holistic Approach

Children ‘learn to learn’, Teachers ‘learn to teach inclusively’, Parents ‘learn to mentor effectively’.Learning by doing.

Our Services

For School

Comprehensive Solutions for all Teaching-Learning Requirements

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For Student

Powerful Process-based Resources and Tools to learn Subjects in a brain-friendly, effortless manner ....

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For Parent

Mentoring, Analytic Tools and Environment for collaborative learning with children

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For Teacher

Process-based Technology and Content for Inclusive, Stress-free Teaching

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Success Stories


Mr. Wynn John , Dubai

EduBrisk’s Learning Skill Development Programme and its E-Learning Platform are unique and it will play an important role in Inclusive Learning

Nandhini Banerjee

Bethany High, Bengaluru

Initially, I was skeptical of a new methodology like EduBrisk being able to teach subjects that students usually find difficult such as History and Civics. Although, once I used EduBrisk, I noticed that the comprehension and performance levels of my students had gone up. It is a definite recommend.

Mr. Gopakumar K

Principal-The Guardian Public School, Kochi

The biggest concern every teacher today faces is on how to cater to the individual needs of every student in the classroom. EduBrisk solves that concern once and for all.


Bilva Indian School, Dubai

EduBrisk gives us teachers, enormous knowledge, and background to make teaching a very fundamental and exploratory process.

Al- Fawariz KT

Delta Study, Kochi

"After joining EduBrisk,my academic performance across Subjects, especially Social Science, increased significantly and a noticeable boost in self-confidence, as a consequence of better academic performance was observed. Greatly improved communication skills also helped boost my confidence and helped me grasp EduBrisk Methods and Memory techniques more easily, thereafter."

Anu Benny


EduBrisk has been very caring and supportive in its approach towards children and we would want to take this opportunity to use this platform as the pathway to our child’s success.

Mallika Dorothy

Bethany High, Bengaluru

EduBrisk’s memory techniques and their Step down Theory or Diagnostic Tests have impressed me the most.


Rajagiri Christu Jayanthi Public School, Kochi

I was very bad at memorizing points. The memory techniques of EduBrisk have helped me improve a notch and I am sure it will have a major role to play in my future academics.

Chris Green

Bilva Indian School, Dubai

We are delighted with EduBrisk because we have been trying to move Parents understanding and some Teachers' understanding away from believing that the learning in CBSE is limited to the covers of the Text Books.


The Guardian Public School, Kochi

If a teacher feels that a subject is difficult to teach, EduBrisk’s training using their well thought out features help them overcome the problem. Their Memory Chimes help students and teachers alike. The energetic faculty of EduBrisk makes the sessions a lot livelier.

Greyan Michael

Delta Study, Kochi

"EduBrisk approach improved my academic performance and social interaction. I sincerely worked on adopting the EduBrisk Methodologies and as a consequence, there was great improvement in my handwriting and writing skills. My fear of examination was reduced. I now look forward to do well in the Board Examinations."

Auzef Deepak

Delta Study, kochi

"Switching over to the EduBrisk way took some effort initially, but immediately helped improving my memory skills and recall abilities.These led to increased confidence in facing exams and further, achieve better academic performance. My communication skills and general awareness increased as well."


Asian International School, Ruwais

EduBrisk’s Diagnostic Tests help us improve our skills by providing multiple choice questions on any subject that we feel we are weak in.

Muhammed Zaeem Hamza

NIOS, Kochi

"Despite initial reservations I adopted the EduBrisk Methodology. A gradual, but constant change in my academic performances and behavior however strengthened my belief in the EduBrisk Methodologies, leading to increased commitment from me.There was a palpable transformation from my earlier negative outlook to a positive one and my lack of interest in studies was replaced by the desire to study and do well for myself in life!"

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Recent Events

Endorsement by Educationists

Mr.T. Mohanachandran

Hon. Chairman, Indian School Ajman

EduBrisk are thorough professionals and highly effective in influencing and educating Teachers in Inclusive Learning. I am truly impressed by the work they have already accomplished, their passion & dedication to impart Learning and Teaching Methodologies, and their holistic approach to Education.

Father Varghese Puthusserry


I take great pride in acknowledging the wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of 21st Century Education that EduBrisk has showcased, during our association with them. A big reward has been the 'Good' Rating that AMLED has received at the current DSIB inspection. I’m confident that EduBrisk will helps us go a long way in our journey, as a reputed School.

Mrs.Shireen Francis


It was a new Methodology introduced in the field of education. The students were able to memorize with ease in a Brain friendly manner.