Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Can you show us samples of your work in Schools?
    1. We have many pictures, videos and testimonials of Students, Teachers, Parents and Principals, who have allowed us to share photographs of them at work during our STEM & Robotics Classes. Some of these are uploaded onto our Website. If you would like to know more, do get in touch!
  1. Isn’t STEM and Robotics a burden for Students who are not good with Science and Mathematics?
    1. STEM & Robotics is a lot more than just Science or Mathematics. It is a great opportunity for Students to learn from each other, to communicate better, to work in Teams, share responsibilities and generally, have a lot of fun while doing all this.
    2. I am sure you will agree that we are all invariably excited about our achievements. Students are no exception. We present them the opportunity of being excited at the end of each session! At the same time, the hands-on experience built into our methodology helps them understand the very same concepts that are taught in class.  Global surveys conclusively show that Students participating in STEM Robotics classes develop a greater interest and achieve better scores in Science and Mathematics, even if they were not doing so well prior to the class.
  1. Do you provide Course Certificates?
    1. Indeed yes. We provide a Course Completion Certificate at the end of each successful course, to each completing Participant 
  1. How will STEM & Robotics benefit my Child in future?
    1. Robotics is an exponentially-growing field and experts predict that it will enter every walk of our life, in the next 5-10 years. Already, countries like Japan, which has the largest number of Industrial Robots and the US, which has one of the highest number of Drones, are pushing the frontiers of Robotics further!
    2. Even if your Child does not plan on a career in Engineering, Science or Robotics, the basic principles (s)he will experience first-hand and perfect by the end of our STEM & Robotics classes, will stand them in good stead. This is because our Course imparts basic, necessary skills for 21st Century careers, namely Communications, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.
    3. We believe that STEM & Robotics will become as popular as Smart phones, going ahead!
  1. How young can an enrolling Student be?
    1. STEM education using Robotics may be started as early as 3 years of age. Starting young is recommended, as this helps cement 21st Century Work-Life skills even better!
  1. What are the 21st Century Skills?
    1. Work and life have changed drastically in the last few decades. This pace of change will only accelerate in the future. To be successful in a rapid, drastically changing future, experts predict that the ‘4Cs’, namely
      1. Communications
      2. Collaboration
      3. Critical Thinking
      4. Creativity
      5. are key! Our Methodology is fine-tuned to develop these very skills!
  1. Do you teach how to make Robots?
    1. Robotics is an extremely complicated field that is still emerging. You will agree that it is not something that can be learnt overnight – it is a multidisciplinary field requiring knowledge of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Coding at the very least. At higher levels, it requires understanding of AI, Human Behavior, Ethics, Law, etc., in order to mimic humans and be of value to humanity.
    2. The primary aim of our STEM Robotics Course is to develop 21st Century Work-Life skills. Having said that, as Students continue with our STEM and Robotics Classes based on their respective age group, they will build on each of the above areas. It will ensure that their basics are sufficiently strong for them to be successful in the complex field of Robotics, if they choose to enter it.
  1. What is the duration of your STEM & Robotics Course?
    1. Typically, our courses comprise of 30 Sessions, each of 40 to 50 Minutes duration. Each course may be integrated into the School Curriculum, with a frequency of 1 Session per Week to each Student, running across the Academic Year.
    2. We have also designed 24-hour Courses deliverable as 2-hour Sessions, 3 Days a Week, running for a Month.
  1. What is the experience level of your Trainers?
    1. All our Trainers are Engineers trained specially to deliver our Course. We follow the “Learning by Doing” teaching-learning style where the Trainers are facilitators and Students learn by doing, since this is most effective for a Course like ours.
  1. How does the School benefit from your Course?
    1. The answer to this is quite straight-forward. Students completing our STEM and Robotics Course invariably achieve better scores in Science and Mathematics. This helps schools achieve better overall results.
      1. Results
      2. Recognition
      3. Revenue
  1. Are you conducting the STEM and Robotics Courses in other Schools?
    1. Indeed, we are! Both in India and abroad!
    2. A partial list of Schools where we have successfully completed the Course is displayed on our Website. You are welcome to get in touch with us for a more detailed List, Testimonials received, etc.!
  1. What are the components of your Kits?
    1. We have several different kits, appropriate to the age and level of participating Students.
    2. Mechanical components of our Kits include Gears, Wheels, Axles, Plates, Castors, etc.
      1. Electrical components of our Kits include Motors, Controllers, Batteries, etc.
      2. Electronic components of our Kits include LEDs, Diodes, Transistors, ICs, Sensors, Arduino Boards, etc.
      3. For Computer Coding, we use Scratch, Arduino , Raspberry Pi,Python, etc.
  1. Are your Fees the same for Grades 1 to 10 Students?
    1. Yes, we maintain Fees at the same level for all Students. This is possible since we can re-use our Kits to some extent. So even though lower Grade Students require more assistance from our Facilitators, we can charge uniform Fees across Grades.
    2. For specific courses, we do charge higher.
  1. Will everyone get a chance to work with the Kit?
    1. Our Robotics Classes are hands-on, with Students working in small Teams of 4 Students and 1 Facilitator, who facilitates 5 Student Teams. Participants learn how to collaborate and communicate during these sessions and our Facilitators will ensure that every Student gets to participate meaningfully and learn, during the sessions
  1. Is there a Component Familiarization Session for higher-grade Students, before they begin to work with Circuits?
    1. Yes of course, this is important for them to succeed! Every Component is explained in detail and Students will be given the opportunity to see how their Circuits work
  1. Are Kits the property of the School?
    1. To keep costs affordable, Schools are not charged for the cost of the Kits. Our Fees includes only the charges of using our Kits.
    2. Hence, all the Kits and the Syllabus are the property of EduBrisk. EduBrisk is at liberty to take back or replace the Kits any time, during School working hours.
  1. What number of Students can you manage effectively?
    1. Currently, we are managing over 500 Students a day at some of the Schools we have partnered with, for our STEM & Robotics Course. At Schools where Robotics is included in the Curriculum, we
    2. provide a full-time STEM Facilitator at the School. In our experience, two or three full-time Trainers can conduct the Classes for up to 600Students, based on a well-planned Time Table.
    3. Where there are more than 600 Students, EduBrisk will provide more Trainers if need be
  1. Is it safe to work with your Kits, as some of them use Electricity?
    1. We use 9-12Volt Batteries. These are perfectly safe for Students to work with!

Our methodologies are based on the latest research into the human brain, into learning techniques, advances in Neuroplasticity and related areas. We have a team of Doctors, Educationists, Content Developers, Teachers and Software Developers, whose contributions have resulted in many of our methodologies. We also have a large community of happy Parents, Students and Teachers, who have benefitted from our methodologies.

We strongly advise Subscribers to intensely practice our processes and techniques for a minimum period of 3 Weeks. Unless this period is completed successfully, there is no Guaranteed Take-away for Subscribers! Naturally, the more you practice our methodologies, the better your chances to master them and unlock the potential of your brain!

We are confident that you will never feel the need to discontinue your Subscription or ever feel that you have not benefitted from it. However, if you do want to discontinue, you will need to get in touch with out Customer Care Division, who will thereafter assist you

The EduBrisk Process of ‘Learn to Learn’ is not merely based on content, it is about the process of learning itself. And, how learning can be made enjoyable, even fun. We at EduBrisk have pioneered many processes for brain-friendly learning that you cannot learn anywhere else! Yes, learning any topic, even difficult or uninteresting ones is fun, if you follow our brain-friendly learning processes!


EduBrisk will conduct the School Teachers Empowerment Program (STEP) for all Teachers designated by the School. At the end of the Workshop;

  • All designated Teachers will be well-versed with our processes and methodologies, enabling them to enrich their teaching in various ways. Benefits expected are,
    • More motivated Teachers, less attrition rate for School.
    • Reduced Teachers Training Cost, Reduced Fresh Teachers’ Training Cost.
  • Improved performance of Students, including the Slow Learners
    • Better reputation for the School.
    • Attract better Students to the School.
    • Students will be in a position to perform better and bring laurels to the School, in National-level Competitions, Olympiads, Spelling Bee, etc.
    • Even after completing studies, Students will be in a position to perform better in competitive and Career- level examinations such as IIT/ IIM, Civil Services, etc., once again bringing laurels to the School.
  • Parents would be extremely pleased by the improvement shown in the performance of their Children. This will directly bring in many benefits to the School


There is no specific time of the day that is better or worse for learning our Methodologies – any quality time that you spend on our Website is good enough. All learning happens when you repeat, and repeat in a spaced manner. You will understand all about this, once your Subscription is activated!

We at EduBrisk are invited to several Schools worldwide, to showcase our Methodologies. If your School is one of them, our Senior Team will help you understand our processes and methodologies first hand, through our ‘School Curriculum Oriented Empowerment” (SCOrE) Basic Workshops. You will also be given a Free, limited-period Student Account pertaining to your Grade, on our e-Learning Platform. Once you complete the SCOrE Basic Workshop, you are eligible to attend our SCOrE Intermediate Workshop, also held at your School. And once you complete the SCOrE Intermediate Workshop, you are eligible to attend our SCOrE Advanced Workshop and our e-Learning Portal, for longer periods. Life-long benefits accrue from the SCOrE Advanced Workshop and a longer Subscription period!

Definitely Not! Although the Content on our e-Learning Platform is carefully dove-tailed to match your Grade, it is not a substitute for your Class Teacher, Text Books or Notes. For benefitting fully, we strongly recommend that you continue studying from School as usual, but adopt the EduBrisk ‘Learn to Learn’ Methodology in its entirety. For, the EduBrisk ‘Learn to Learn’ Methodology is a lot more than just great Academic performance!


EduBrisk’s Methodologies comprise of brain-friendly processes and techniques to grasp, retain and recall any kind of information. The learner is required to practice these techniques in the prescribed, spaced manner. While we do not give out any specific guarantees, we have observed Students improving their academic performance by 5 to 15 Percentage, in as little a duration as 3 to 6 months! Students who have continued for longer periods have gone on to win National-level Quiz Competitions, joined the IITs and so on as well!

Parents are welcome to learn our processes and methodologies as well! We at EduBrisk believe that a holistic learning environment is essential, for your Child to unlock the secrets of learning. This is why we have separate Workshops for Students (SCOrE – School Curriculum Oriented Empowerment), Teachers (School Teachers Empowerment Program) and PALM (Parents as Life Mentors). In case your Child has subscribed to our Programs (either through his/ her School, or as a Student independent of School), you will be invited to all our PALM Workshops. Do attend them, we are sure you will find them eye-opening! Also, as Parent, you will be allotted a Parent’s Account, free of charge, when your Child subscribes. With this Account, you may track the progress of your Child, as well as access our ‘Learn to Learn’ processes and methodologies!


Indeed yes. We give away a Certificate to all Teachers who successfully complete our STEP Workshops.

Teaching methodologies have been changing rapidly over the years. Today, audio-visual and kinesthetic techniques have replaced the Slate Board or Notebook. Today’s Students are very savvy where technology and gadgets are concerned: they tend to spend more time on their Smartphones and Laptops, rather than Paper and Pen. EduBrisk methodologies leverage on this shift in attention. On the other hand, the very core principles of Teaching have changed: from ‘Teaching’ to ‘Learning to Teach’, to ‘Learning to Learn’. As a Teacher, if you can inculcate the habit of ‘Learning to Learn’ in your Class, you leave an indelible mark as a Great Teacher. EduBrisk intends to help you achieve this goal!

Not at all! We are sure that you have successfully developed your own methods of teaching, over the years! However, we are sure you have grappled with the issue of different Students with different learning abilities in the same Classroom, and how to bring them all to the same level. What EduBrisk offers is a number of brain-friendly teaching techniques that will enhance your teaching even further! On completing the STEP Workshops and by regularly practicing our processes and methodologies, you will be able to enrich your teaching by making it a lot more interesting to your Students and at the same time, help the Slow Learners of your Class catch up with the others!