Message from our CEO

Mr. Saiju Aravind

“ If I were to go back to school, and my childhood days returned,I shall beg my teacher to first Teach me how to learn “


The beginnings of EduBrisk are humble, beginning from a rented room at Kochi, Kerala, where five pioneers of the company toiled. EduBrisk has grown by leaps and bounds since then, with the EduBrisk Movement gaining momentum, thanks to the untiring efforts of Scientists, Educationists, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Child Psychologists, Parents, Teachers and even Children.

The company now employs nearly 200 Professionals and has established Knowledge Hubs at Kochi, Bengaluru and the Middle East.

The prospects of growth received a fresh impetus, when Clairvoyant, USA, Emerge Ventures, Singapore, Feathersoft Info, The Chairman of Xotic Ventures and the Chairman of SciGenom, USA invested in the company.

EduBrisk now provides Brain-friendly Educational Solutions to Schools and Students by way of Signature Workshops and a state-of-the-art Digital Learning Platform. The Core Principle of EduBrisk is ‘BUILD’, namely, Brain Utilisation in Learning and Development, which allows Students to harness their inherent learning potential.


Mr. Saiju Aravind

Founder, EduBrisk Knowledge Solutions

Saiju Aravind decided to quit the Indian Navy, where he had put in over 20 years’ service, rising to the rank of Scientist at the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO). His son’s academic standards had been deteriorating and this caused him grave concern.

The Core Principles of EduBrisk came into being when he devised a pathbreaking ‘Learning to Learn’ Methodology. Not only did his son go on to score excellent marks in the 12th Standard, he decided to start a ‘Movement’ that would benefit Students across the globe, making them love academics. EduBrisk was thus founded in 2014

EduBrisk Team

Mr. Saiju Aravind

Managing Director

Mr. Rajesh Nair

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Sajjad Khan

Head of Business Development

Mr. Surendran Nambiath

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We Strongly Believe that;

  • All Children have Unlimited Learning Potential
  • All of us have an Insatiable Thirst for acquiring Knowledge
  • Technology can revolutionise the way we learn any skill
  • Brilliance can be decoded and mimicked
  • A Brain-friendly process can make learning a gratifying experience
  • There is no ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ Memory. Only ‘Trained’ and ‘Untrained’ Memory

Our Services

For School

Comprehensive Solutions for all Teaching-Learning Requirements

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For Student

Powerful Process-based Resources and Tools to learn Subjects in a brain-friendly, effortless manner ....

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For Parent

Mentoring, Analytic Tools and Environment for collaborative learning with children

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For Teacher

Process-based Technology and Content for Inclusive, Stress-free Teaching

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Success Stories



“I want to thank the entire team of EduBrisk for bringing and introducing this system of learning and I hope it would be helpful for my kid and Guardian Public School children”.

Annie Sunny

Bethany High, Koramangala, Bengaluru

“Edubrisk helps to improve the overall academic performance of students. The workshop content is good. It helps students develop an interest in the subject/topic as there are visual inputs. Parents will be able to review their ward’s work. It has brought technology to teaching. Teaching and learning has become more enjoyable, interactive and interesting both for teachers as well as students”.

Al- Fawariz KT

Delta Study, Kochi

"After joining EduBrisk,my academic performance across Subjects, especially Social Science, increased significantly and a noticeable boost in self-confidence, as a consequence of better academic performance was observed. Greatly improved communication skills also helped boost my confidence and helped me grasp EduBrisk Methods and Memory techniques more easily, thereafter."



“Edubrisk is an educational institute dedicated to imparting knowledge to students. In my opinion it has a well-organized approach. The classes helped my son to clear his doubts & equipped him to face future exams”.

Muhammed Zaeem Hamza

NIOS, Kochi

"Despite initial reservations I adopted the EduBrisk Methodology. A gradual, but constant change in my academic performances and behavior however strengthened my belief in the EduBrisk Methodologies, leading to increased commitment from me.There was a palpable transformation from my earlier negative outlook to a positive one and my lack of interest in studies was replaced by the desire to study and do well for myself in life!"

Greyan Michael

Delta Study, Kochi

"EduBrisk approach improved my academic performance and social interaction. I sincerely worked on adopting the EduBrisk Methodologies and as a consequence, there was great improvement in my handwriting and writing skills. My fear of examination was reduced. I now look forward to do well in the Board Examinations."


Mr. Wynn John , Dubai

EduBrisk’s Learning Skill Development Programme and its E-Learning Platform are unique and it will play an important role in Inclusive Learning

Auzef Deepak

Delta Study, kochi

"Switching over to the EduBrisk way took some effort initially, but immediately helped improving my memory skills and recall abilities.These led to increased confidence in facing exams and further, achieve better academic performance. My communication skills and general awareness increased as well."



“I came for the open house program primarily but I happened to attend the session early and I am thankful that I attended it mainly because the way that session was conducted was very well.  The sir surprised us all in the group by recollecting all the things associated with numbers. So I am very curious to know how he is doing it and looking forward to understand that and hope our children also gets benefitted from that”.

AMLED School

Mr. Varghese Puthusserry, Dubai

I am so positive about the life skills that EduBrisk is imparting to the Students and the Teaching community. I am truly satisfied with EduBrisk at AMLED School.

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Schools, We are Partnered With

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Endorsement by Educationists

Mr.T. Mohanachandran

Hon. Chairman, Indian School Ajman

EduBrisk are thorough professionals and highly effective in influencing and educating Teachers in Inclusive Learning. I am truly impressed by the work they have already accomplished, their passion & dedication to impart Learning and Teaching Methodologies, and their holistic approach to Education.

Dr.Abraham Ebenezer


I am overwhelmed with the positive results that EduBrisk can bring in Students' life. This innovative ‘Learn to Learn' approach can help Students to briskly pick up the most difficult topics in their curriculum easily, retaining and remembering it whenever needed.This amazing EduBrisk methodology is inclusive and it caters to both Special Educational Needs as well as Gifted and Talented Students.

Mrs.Shireen Francis


It was a new Methodology introduced in the field of education. The students were able to memorize with ease in a Brain friendly manner.