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Why Edubrisk Workshop for Schools?

  • Discusses Tools and Techniques that help in Inclusive Teaching-Learning Methodologies
  • Hands-on coverage of Platform Features for creating Memory Chime, Personalized Notes, Uploading Personalized Content, Question Paper Creator, Lesson Plan Creator, etc., each of which save a Teacher’s time
  • Examples of Subject-specific Logic and Memory Techniques in the Advanced Workshop
  • Workshops and EduBrisk Digital Learning Platform are fully compliant with Global Regulatory Bodies such as KHDA, ADEC, etc.
  • Prerequisite for Teachers and School Administrators, to learn to use the EduBrisk Digital Learning Platform to full potential
  • School will benefit by increased reputation and be a more desirable place where Parents would like to put their Children

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EduBrisk Workshops for School


Be the Ideal Parent you have always aspired to be!

Basic 2 Hours, One Session
Intermediate 6 Hours, 5 Sessions
Advanced Specific to course selected


Advanced SCOrE – Subject Workshops for augmenting Cognitive Skills

Basic 2 Hours, One session
Intermediate 6 Hours, 5 Sessions
Advanced Specific to course selected


Advanced STEP – Subject Specific Workshops

Basic 2 Hours, One session
Intermediate 6 Hours,5 sessions
Advanced Specific to course selected

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Why EduBrisk

Learning Techniques

Easy, enjoyable learning experience, kindling interest even in the most challenging subjects

Inclusive Learning

Addressing the needs of students from different backgrounds with varying learning styles and abilities.

Integrated Learning

Building Bridges across subjects, Step into higher or lower classes at will and experience the big picture.


The EduBrisk Platform is fully compliant with different syllabi as well as regulatory norms.


The Cloud-based platform allows Teachers and students to create and share personalized notes.

Signature Workshops

STEP for Teachers, SCOrE for Students and PALM for Parents make it easy to Teach/ Learn/ Mentor using the EduBrisk Platform.

Holistic Approach

Children ‘learn to learn’, Teachers ‘learn to teach inclusively’, Parents ‘learn to mentor effectively’.Learning by doing.

Educational Network

EduBrisk’s Digital Platform connects Educationists, Students and Industry, providing a powerful Network for the Learner to co-create and share knowledge.


Learners Enrolled with EduBrisk till Date

Success Stories


Mr. Wynn John , Dubai

EduBrisk’s Learning Skill Development Programme and its E-Learning Platform are unique and it will play an important role in Inclusive Learning

AMLED School

Mr. Varghese Puthusserry, Dubai

I am so positive about the life skills that EduBrisk is imparting to the Students and the Teaching community. I am truly satisfied with EduBrisk at AMLED School , To view more Click Here

Mr. Gopakumar K

Principal-The Guardian Public School, Kochi

The biggest concern every teacher today faces is on how to cater to the individual needs of every student in the classroom. EduBrisk solves that concern once and for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EduBrisk will conduct the School Teachers Empowerment Program (STEP) for all Teachers designated by the School. At the end of the Workshop;

  • All designated Teachers will be well-versed with our processes and methodologies, enabling them to enrich their teaching in various ways. Benefits expected are,
    • More motivated Teachers, less attrition rate for School.
    • Reduced Teachers Training Cost, Reduced Fresh Teachers’ Training Cost.
  • Improved performance of Students, including the Slow Learners
    • Better reputation for the School.
    • Attract better Students to the School.
    • Students will be in a position to perform better and bring laurels to the School, in National-level Competitions, Olympiads, Spelling Bee, etc.
    • Even after completing studies, Students will be in a position to perform better in competitive and Career- level examinations such as IIT/ IIM, Civil Services, etc., once again bringing laurels to the School.
  • Parents would be extremely pleased by the improvement shown in the performance of their Children. This will directly bring in many benefits to the School

Learn From Our Experts

Mr. Surendran Nambiath

CPM- Analysis and Contracts

Mr. Shaji Sebastian

Chief Mentor for STEM and Robotics

Mrs. Swapna Saiju


Mrs. Usha Venugopal

Department Head

Mr. Gopal Krishnan

Senior Analyst, R&D