The secret to a Brisk and Easy learning lies in knowing how your brain functions while you learn! EduBrisk equips you with the knowledge and skill required to make learning an enjoyable activity.
Your level of confidence will skyrocket!

A brisk way to learn using advanced memory techniques

Unleash the Genius in You.

  • Learn the easy way to grasp, retain and recall.
  • Increase your ability to memorize.
  • Leverage the power of Integrated Learning through EduBrisk e-learning platform and digital library.

Eduplan Diary

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

  • Study planner
  • Vision, goal setting and level conditioning tools
  • Personal calendar that you may share with your friends and Mentors.

How I Learned It

Know your brain for enhancing your performance in academic and personal life!! Our experts deliver this module through a two day workshop of two and a half hours each. Workshop conducted by edubrisk experts

  • Mathematics
  • Botany
  • General science
  • Civics
  • Physics
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Environmental Science
  • English
  • Zoology
  • Computer Science

Academic contents

EduBrisk study materials created by experts to conform with various syllabi .

  • Mind maps, Detailed explanations , Revision notes, text book solutions etc for effective learning .
  • Create your own contents and share with the EduBrisk community.

Study materials for CBSE, ICSE , State Board and much more.

Memory Techniques

  • Learn briskly using advanced memory techniques
  • Learn to grasp, retain and recall easily
  • Increase your ability to memorize
  • Boost your creative learning skills with stimulating games.
  • Set memory chimes to effortlessly memorize most difficult things.

EduBrisk Online Products

Let Easy Academics Rule Now

  • Study Room and related tools (Chime, Personalization. Memory Creator)
  • VocabTree : Vocabulary Builder
  • Chronicloud : Historical Timeline Utility


  • Discover a revolutionary way to learn, in just 20 hours spaced over three months!
  • Workshops conducted at educational institutions both in India and abroad.
  • Sustained support for Educational institutes

1. Learn to Learn

A course to greatly enhance your ability to learn which includes training on:

  • Memory, Concentration
  • Logical / Analytical reasoning
  • Learning methodology
  • Whole brain utilization

2. Bridge and foundation courses

  • A course to build the required foundation for the students and to prepare them with the topics of the next academic year for outstanding academic performance
  • Special training for students proceeding to grade IX, X XI and XII on relevant topics

3. Subject workshops

  • To help develop the interest in learning a specific subject.
  • Strengthening subject fundamentals
  • Covering all concepts
  • Exam Orientation

4. “ Preparing you for life “ courses

  • Life skills which include decision-making and problem-solving, creative thinking and critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, self-awareness and empathy, coping with emotions and coping with stress.
  • Soft skills which include personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, managing people, leadership etc.
  • Outdoor camps (for kinesthetic and interactive learning)
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