• Associate with the EduBrisk team through workshops at Schools and Educational institutes in India and Abroad
  • Learn to Learn : How to learn subjects conforming to school board using brain friendly methods
  • Time frame: 6 – 8 hours in 2 to 3 days
  • Benefits: Improved memory - easy retain and recall. Helps students relate to a ‘user manual to brain’ for easy learning. Overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs . Renewed interest in learning
  • * Free Demo workshop – 1 hour
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  • Can be a contact workshop at School / Centres or online
  • We use assessment tests / diagnostic tools to identify the areas of difficulties in each subject for a student and then use a ‘step-down’ approach to build a strong conceptual foundation and ‘step-up’ thereafter.
  • Benefits include improved academic performance , overcoming fear for exam & Quantum performance gain in weak subjects. School will benefit as the students can learn subjects along with other students easily (homogenized class room)
  • Create your own contents and share with the EduBrisk community.

Study materials for CBSE, ICSE , State Board and much more.

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  • Specific courses for developing proficiency in subjects using EduBrisk software products like Chronicloud, Vocab tree etc
  • Courses for regular subjects conforming to school syllabus and for various competitive exams.
  • Courses on life / soft skills
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  • Digital Contents conforming to all syllabi /boards aided with EduBrisk approach available to students and mentors through our web based software platform – We will help you to celebrate knowledge.
  • Online assessment / diagnostic tools
  • Benefits: The barrier between study and play dissolves, and learning becomes your way of life – a celebration
  • 2 months free online Digital content support available with paid workshops
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What they Say

EduBrisk workshops have greatly influenced students , parents and teachers. We share their thoughts with you.

“I liked the ease of use and the variety of topics EduBrisk offered. It changes the way of learning and retaining. With intense memory training EduBrisk help learners use collaborative environment of different subjects - with their flexible delivery mechanism - through which I can learn myself.”

Vironica Joncy NJ
Vironica Joncy NJ
Kochi, Kerala

“EduBrisk approach to learning is very appealing and rejuvenating as my daughter, who was reeling under the pressure of rote memorization methodology as a student, is finding the methodologies envisioned by them in all subject very effective. Her academics has been catapulted to a different level ever since EduBrisk methods were adopted.”

Leny Davis
Leny Davis

“I found the EduBrisk way of training on memory and the neurophysiology of learning very interesting and useful. The best part is that we are taught our regular subjects using these techniques and that way we not only learn our subjects very well but also learn to use these principles in day to day learning.”

Kevin Seejo
Kevin Seejo
Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School,
Thrissur, Kerala
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