What is EduBrisk

EduBrisk , if considered as a ‘verb’ could mean ‘to learn in a lively, energetic, quick and enjoyable way’. The EduBrisk way intents to nurture and strengthen the multiple intelligences to ignite the zest for knowledge


Celebrate Knowledge 


To support people in general and the educational community in particular to:

  • Learn and memorize subjects conforming to school board curriculum and also subjects of interest in general, suited to the way the human brain functions, making them interesting and fun-filled experiences.
  • Use scientifically crafted academic skills and life skills modules to further learning and personal development.
  • Utilize the collective strength of the community (which includes academic institutions, parents, teachers, mentors and peers) to facilitate learning and to pursue personal goals.

The EduBrisk Team has been silently working for over the last few years to deeply understand the process of learning towards converting the contents to suit the way human brain works, and to utilize the full capacity of the brain (full-brain learning). The intent and the process

Edubrisk approach and philosophy
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